My Projects

A writer’s gotta write. Here’s where you can find my recent work.

Blizzard Watch: I’m the managing editor of this gaming site dedicated to Blizzard Entertainment. But what’s a “managing editor,” anyway? I wear a lot of hats: I write and edit, plan content, assign projects, manage the community, run social media… and probably other things I’m not thinking of right now. It’s not all me, though! I work with a talented team of writers and editors to make the site possible. Check out my latest articles.

Techlicious: I’m one of a team of contributing writers on this newbie-friendly technology site. You can find me writing tech news, how-tos, guides, and the occasional review.

DealNews: This is my go-to site for all things shopping (and I’m not just saying that because I write for it). I’m a contributing writer, covering consumer-centric topics to help you make the best buy.

Fiction: My upcoming novel is a sci-fi thriller called Accidental Futures. It will be available in ebook form mid-2017.  I’m also working on a serialized fiction project to be published on Patreon.

Otherworlds Press: I’m part of a writing collection with a team of Blizzard Watch staff, including Alex Ziebart, Matthew Rossi, and Dan O’Halloran. You can find updates about our work or sign up for our newsletter.

Previous projects: In addition to current projects, you can find my published work on Time, USA Today, Engadget, Joystiq, CBS, The Daily Dot, Amazon, Best Buy, Now Loading, Sprout Insights, Pentagon Federal Credit Union, Curve Magazine, and others.

What else? You have to stay busy to stay afloat as a freelancer. I also do copyediting and proofreading for print and the web. Contact me if you want to talk about a project.

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