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I survived brain surgery! What’s next?

Long time no post, right? As I think most of you know, I had brain surgery to remove a tumor about four weeks ago. The surgery went really well: the surgeon got more of the tumor than he thought he would (about 90%), the tumor was benign, and I was out of the hospital the day after surgery. I’m […] Read More

On missed (or delayed) deadlines

I’m sure most of you are familiar with this Douglas Adams quote: “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” I am not that kind of person. Missing deadlines stresses me out, and stresses me out increasingly the farther I get from the deadline. It’s my tendency to cower […] Read More

Overcoming existential dread and getting stuff (writing) done

Dang, there’s been a lot of existential dread in my life lately. (Okay, probably everyone’s life lately. None are immune from at least occasional existential dread.) Last fall, my grandmother was very ill. There was a while we thought she wouldn’t make it, and then a long recovery afterwards where I was at the hospital […] Read More

From first draft to final draft

I’ve posted a couple of rough draft pieces for subscribers on my Patron, and it got me thinking about editing. What does it take to go from that messy rough draft to a finished product? I’m still figuring this out for fiction, but I’ve done tons of editing in other contexts, working on pieces from […] Read More

Real life status report

I’ve been babbling a lot on Twitter, but wanted to post an update here about what’s going on with me (and with all of these writing projects!). Some routine medical stuff earlier this year has led to me being diagnosed with a brain tumor. It’s not really as serious as it sounds: it’s a slow-growing, […] Read More

Some behind the scenes on life as a freelancer

Today I thought I’d talk about what it’s like being a freelance writer. I know some people on Blizzard Watch are always curious about what our day to day is like, and maybe you folks are, too. As a freelancer, I’m essentially a one-person small business. I hunt for clients to write or edit for, […] Read More

Untangling ideas into a story

I couldn’t tell you when I started working on the book I’ve only rather recently committed to writing. (I.e. I have a deposit down with an editor and deadlines to meet.)  My first outline draft dates to March, but I know I had the idea to write it, and a short premise, well before then. […] Read More