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I’ve been babbling a lot on Twitter, but wanted to post an update here about what’s going on with me (and with all of these writing projects!). Some routine medical stuff earlier this year has led to me being diagnosed with a brain tumor. It’s not really as serious as it sounds: it’s a slow-growing, benign growth in the tissue surrounding the brain (rather than in the brain itself), and these things typically only cause problems because they squish your brain and create pressure. I’ve probably had it for years.

The good news is that when they’re removed your brain usually bounces right back to normal. The bad news is brain surgery, which I’m having on April 19th. As best I understand it, it’s also not as serious as it sounds. (But I am still planning to make a will and a living will, because… well, you never know.) The doctors do some kind of specialized MRI to get a detailed location of the tumor and then use computers to make a precise incision in just the right place. (I will probably end up rocking a punk haircut for a while. Zarya style, maybe?) The tumor is fairly small (about 2cm) and located right on the surface, so there’s nothing particularly complicated in getting to it. I’m not a neurosurgeon, but this is what I understand from talking to my neurosurgeon.

I should be back to my normal routine within six weeks, but I’ve already been told I need to restrict screen time afterwards. (I just remembered I have tickets to see Alton Brown in Austin on April 28th, so… let’s hope I’m feeling okay within a week and a half?) It’s up in the air when I’ll be back up and around and writing regularly, but my aim is certainly to keep up with as much as I can. (Freelance life: just keep swimming!) I’ve already talked with everyone I work with, and it looks like I’ll have a stream of non-urgent projects to work on as I feel up to it, and I’ll get some done in advance. (If you’ve seen me talk about my schedule, you know that I keep busy.)

The 19th is a few days before Accidental Futures is due to my editor, and it is my intention to have it to her before then — which means a lot of writing, polishing, and revising over the next five weeks.  I’ve already talked to her about the possibility of missing my deadline, but it feels like this project is  close to the finish line and I want to get it there. Assuming I do make that deadline, it means I’ll have line edits for Accidental Futures back some time while I’m recovering. Then it will just need final proofreading and polishing before I figure out cover art and distribution to get it out to you all. (That’s still plenty of questions, but I’m trying to work one problem at a time here.)

The downside to that is that the Parks & Revolution project I’d promised to publish sequentially on Patreon is going to be on the back burner for a while. I may post some character descriptions or a vignette on Patreon before this goes down, but if I don’t focus on getting AF done it’s going fall way behind my schedule. I’ll try to make it up with some cool content as soon as I’m able. Some of it will just be for Patreon, but some of might show up here on my website.

If you want to get all of my writing updates, they go up on Patreon first, alongside excerpts and more. If you’re curious about Accidental Futures, I posted a rough draft of the first chapter (for patrons only) and character descriptions that anyone can read (which I’ll probably get around to posting here at some point). I’ll be posting another excerpt soon — probably an already deleted scene with an eccentric robot, alongside notes why it probably won’t be in the book.

Thanks, everyone! Your support at any level — even moral support — is very much appreciated. If you have any questions or want me to talk about something in particular in a future update, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

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